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5 Tips To Stay Healthy During Pandemic


Denpa News Strong immunity not only guarantees a relatively good tolerance of various diseases, but also a good mood and the presence of vitality, since a harmonious body has no problems with the production of hormones of happiness and pleasure – serotonin and dopamine. And now we will analyze the fundamental principles of maintaining physical and psychological health.

Delicious healthy food

It is stereotypically believed that proper nutrition is lean, tasteless and not very pleasant. In fact, it includes both sweets, and flour, and fried, only in limited quantities and with its own specifics.

Sweets: Shop for dates, dried figs, raisins, berries and fruits, and dark chocolate with nuts. If you really want something sugary, pay attention to marshmallows without filling. For home cooking, use sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol.

Flour: If bread, then 100% whole grain, if you want sweet products, avoid margarine and puff pastry (croissants, cakes) in favor of buns and cheesecakes. For home cooking, choose rice, chickpea, oatmeal, and flaxseed flours. Instead of regular wheat, use durum wheat.

Grilled: Ideal if you can get a home grill and roast meat and vegetables very quickly and without extra fat. In another case, look at coconut oil, it is the best among all others for frying due to its high burning temperature. Also, do not fry foods to a hard brown crust, the body spends a lot of energy on digesting the substances that have accumulated in it.

Do not be afraid of full fat milk, sour cream and cottage cheese, they are much healthier than low fat ones, as they are made without the use of starch (which holds the consistency). Moreover, the main culprit of extra pounds has long been known, and these are fast carbohydrates, not fats. And most importantly, eat plenty of vegetables. They nourish our microflora, and this is the first line of defense against disease.

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Consolidate good habits

In the rhythm of the city, there is often no time left for anything for yourself. But now it is very important to stop a little, look around and start gradually introducing good habits.

  1. Walk every day, especially in the evening an hour before bedtime
  2. Drink water on an empty stomach in the morning and do a quick exercise
  3. For every cup of coffee you drink, drink the same amount of water to rehydrate
  4. Cold and hot shower. We know it’s difficult, but you will give your body an invaluable gift if you gather your will into a fist, try and get used to it.
  5. Wake up without setting the alarm and without dozens of alarms. Try fitness bands that vibrate to wake you up if your body has become tolerant of beeps in the morning.
  6. Ventilate the room before bed
  7. Go to bed and wake up at the same time. Even on weekend.

“Come to terms” with bad habits

There is no safe amount of cigarettes or alcohol, and the WHO has even debunked the myth of having a glass of wine before dinner. And if you are not going to get rid of bad habits, then do everything so that they do not bring maximum harm.

Smoking: Do not smoke on an empty stomach. Also, don’t smoke too fast or on the move, when the lungs are loaded twice as hard. It is better not to smoke a cigarette to the end, since the concentration of harmful substances near the filter is higher. Alcohol: Along with alcohol, drink plenty of water to help your body deal with it faster and prevent dehydration. Choose quality alcohol, always eat when you drink, the stomach should not be empty. It is better to avoid sparkling drinks and beer, as they further irritate the esophagus. Hygiene: Do not touch your face with your hands, remind yourself of this every time you notice that you are reaching for your face. And, of course, wash your hands at every opportunity, do not forget about the nourishing cream after washing.

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Try to be active

I mean not only jogging and training in the gym, although they are also, of course, useful. Start small. To begin with, walk more, try to get out of the city and just walk through the forest, choose not the supermarket that is near the house, but the one that is farther away. Also, clean your apartment more often, indulge in exercise, explore new locations in the area, drive one stop less in transport and get there on foot. Such seemingly simple habits will have a very beneficial effect on your body.

Don’t forget that Denpanews are always happy to help! Smart scales will allow you to track and control 10 body indicators, with a smart jump rope you can comfortably work out at home, and a mat support you during various exercises.

Get some rest

This, oddly enough, is the most important point. A rested body is a strong immune system and a good mood. Meditate, read books, listen to relaxing music before bed, take aromatic baths, go for a massage, sleep at least 6-8 hours. And be healthy!

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