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6 Powerful Tips to Get Children to Get Up Early, Let’s Try it!


DenpaNews One of the habits of children that almost everyone experiences is the difficulty of getting up in the morning . Especially when you have to get up for school.

wake up morning for child

Not infrequently parents usually do various ways so that children are not lazy to get up early. Starting from banging on the bedroom door, pulling the blanket, or sometimes touching it with water.

Another way can also be done by building habits in children. By building habits, children will get used to it along with its development.

Quoted from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture’s Instagram account, here is a powerful way to get children to get up early.

6 Powerful Tips to Get Children to Get Up Early :

1. Make sure you get enough sleep

The most important thing that parents must ensure is to make sure they get enough sleep. Children can also learn to understand this on their own.

Toddlers are advised to sleep about 12 hours per day, children aged 5-13 years are advised to sleep 9-11 hours per day, while children over 12 years are advised to sleep 8-10 hours per day.

2. Setting the alarm

In addition to waking up directly, parents can also train by providing an alarm clock or alarm as a wake-up reminder alarm for the little one in the morning.

However, before installing the alarm clock, it is best to explain what the benefits are and how they work.

3. Keep children away from gadgets

A bad habit that often occurs is holding a gadget or cellphone before going to bed. This should be avoided as early as possible because it can affect the child’s sleep quality.

One of the most effective ways to get children to get up early is to keep them away from the television or cell phone before going to bed.

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Parents can replace it with other things, such as asking children to brush their teeth and read story books.

4. Create a routine

Furthermore, parents can also create routines so that children get used to getting up early. For example, by setting a regular sleep schedule, both during school and holidays.

5. Let the morning light enter the room

Open the window curtains and turn off the night light in the child’s room before the alarm clock rings. The morning sunlight that enters the room will signal to the child that the day has turned morning, so the child will wake up naturally.

6. Make breakfast

denpanews make breakfast

The delicious aroma of breakfast can be one of the tricks so that the anal does not wake up lazily. Try to fill the house with delicious scents that will attract children’s attention from their room.

Well, that’s 6 powerful tips to get children to get up early .


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