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Acupuncture, Healthy with Needles

DenpaNews Acupuncture is a technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This treatment technique has been applied by the Chinese people for centuries. Along with the development of medical science, acupuncture is increasingly recognized by the wider community.
Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that uses tiny needles. These needles will be gently inserted into precise locations on the body. The puncture sites are known as acupuncture points.
The insertion of needles at acupuncture points can affect the regulatory system in the body. This makes the state of energy (qi) and blood (xue) into balance. When energy and blood have been balanced, the body will react. This reaction will affect healing from within the body itself.
The Chinese believe that the body has energy or chi. Blockage of the flow of chi in the body will trigger a sick condition. Acupuncture aims to activate and re-launch the flow of chi in the body. This flow of chi is called the meridians.
Acupuncture is claimed to be able to treat nerve and muscle disorders after a stroke, relieve headaches such as migraines and vertigo, and can relieve rheumatism. In addition, the needling technique is able to overcome metabolic and hormonal disorders. Acupuncture is also used to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.
Some health clinics use this technique for the treatment of obesity, impotence, and other reproductive disorders. In fact, acupuncture is believed to increase the body’s immunity. Acupuncture has also been applied to the world of beauty.
Acupuncture does not cause harmful side effects. The needles used have been sterilized and are single use only. The size of the needle is also very small, so it does not leave a puncture wound.
There are two acupuncture techniques, namely manual and electric acupuncture. In the manual method, the needle is only inserted at the acupuncture points by rotating or stabbed normally. Whereas in the electric method, before being inserted into the body, the needle is connected to a small cable on a tool. This tool will emit electric waves in small frequencies and channeled to the body.
There are several types of acupuncture styles known to the health world.
Chinese style
This is a common form of acupuncture. This style focuses on the yin-yang principle. All things in the world are opposite but complementary, like male-female and hot-cold.
Japanese style
The focus of Japanese style acupuncture is on finding certain Mediterranean lines in the body. The body has several mediterans. Each of these energy flows has a different function. The blockage of each of these Mediterranean will cause different pain as well.
Korean style
Usually, acupuncture points are spread over all areas of the body, such as the face, back, and chest. However, Korean style acupuncture only focuses on puncturing the hands and feet because the energy in the human body is concentrated in these two organs.
In this style, the acupuncture points are centered on the back of the ear. Auricularis commonly used to treat addiction to one particular thing. The points on the back of the ear have an effect on different organs of the body. Stabbing different areas will affect different organs of the body.
Basically, the acupuncture method is painless, even though the body is stabbed with dozens of needles. Even if there is pain and a little pain, it is usually caused by the needle pricking at the right point. This feeling indicates the flow of chi that was originally blocked is returning smoothly.
Today, acupuncture is also used in the world of beauty. Acupuncture points are located in the area around the face. Facial acupuncture is believed to make the face bright, prevent acne, and make you stay young. This is because the flow of energy in the facial area flows perfectly, making the face healthier. Well, there’s no harm in trying this method. Besides being beneficial for health, it can add beauty as well.
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