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Andrology Specialist Doctor Near Nyk, Expert in Male Reproductive


DenpaNews to consult specialist . If you experience health problems related to the male reproductive organs, then you can visit an andrology specialist.

What are the most common andrological tests performed? So, when do you need to make a visit? Check out the full explanation in the following article.

What is andrology?

The term andrology comes from the Greek words andros and logos . Andros means man, while logos means knowledge. Andrology is a branch of medicine that specializes in men’s health and has been studied since the late 1960s.

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Conditions treated by andrologists are primarily related to problems with the male reproductive system, such as fertility problems and sexual dysfunction . This branch of science also deals with urological problems found only in men.

Andrology specialists (Sp.And) can work closely with obstetrics and gynecology specialists (Sp.OG) who deal with problems of pregnancy, childbirth, and reproductive health in women. This can be done if the difficult condition of getting pregnant is not only influenced by men, but also fertility problems in women.

Difference between andrology and urology

Andrology is a sub-branch of urology. This branch specializes in the male reproductive system, such as reconstructive surgery of the male genitalia, fertility disorders, and sexual dysfunction.

Meanwhile , urology specialists deal with diseases of the urinary tract and reproductive system, both experienced by men and women. Apart from andrology, there are other subspecialties of urology, such as oncology urology and pediatric urology.

Some health conditions treated by urologists include incontinence , prolapse in women, prostate disorders (enlarged prostate and prostate cancer), kidney disease (kidney stones and kidney failure), urinary tract infections , erectile dysfunction , and infertility in men.

Various andrological examinations that you need to know
Andrology examination is not only reserved for men who have problems with sexual relations or fertility that affect pregnancy with a partner. Men who experience health problems with the penis and urogenital system also need to consult an andrology specialist.

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Some of the conditions that are usually treated by andrology specialists include:

Infertility or impaired fertility in men. This condition is generally the cause of difficulty conceiving in a third of couples. Infertility in men can be affected by low sperm count , sperm deformity, and sperm agility (motility) which can be detected through fertility tests, one sperm analysis .
Male sexual disorders, generally related to erectile dysfunction (impotence), namely the inability of men to get or maintain an erection and premature ejaculation or faster discharge of semen during sex.
Hormone system disorders, such as hypogonadism , which is a condition when the testes do not produce enough testosterone for the body.
Disorders of the penis and testicles, andrologists can also deal with problems related to the penis and testicles, such as Peyronie’s disease , balanitis , varicocele , testicular torsion , trauma, and even cancer.
Disorders of the urogenital or genitourinary system related to the reproductive system and urinary system in men, such as bladder and prostate disease .

Apart from diagnosing some male reproductive health problems, andrologists can also handle surgical procedures, such as:

Vasectomy , is a method of contraception in men by cutting the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm from the testes to the penis during ejaculation.
Prostatectomy , is a procedure to remove the problematic prostate gland, mainly due to prostate cancer or benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).
Circumcision , is a surgical method to remove the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis.

When do we need to see an andrologist?

Andrology specialists can treat all male health problems, especially those related to disorders of the urinary and reproductive systems. You are advised to consult an andrologist if:

The tip of the penis hurts like burning. This condition can be accompanied by white discharge as a sign of balanitis (infection of the head of the penis) or a symptom of venereal disease .
Penile pain when urinating and followed by bloody urine, could be signs of a urinary tract infection or bladder cancer .
The testicles cause a sharp, stabbing pain that may be due to testicular torsion, which is a condition where the testicle is twisted so that blood and oxygen flow is not smooth.
The scrotum (the pouch that protects the testicles) feels sore or heavy, as a symptom of a varicocele or enlarged veins in the testicles.
Penile deformities, such as a crooked penis that can be caused by penile injury or Peyronie’s disease.
Abnormal lumps on the penis and testicles, which could be a symptom of penile or testicular cancer .
Pain in the lower back, pelvis, or the area around the penis and scrotum.
Suffering from erectile dysfunction (impotence) or premature ejaculation.
Men who worry about fertility problems due to difficulty conceiving after having sex with a partner.

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If you feel the above symptoms, as well as other symptoms regarding men’s health, you should immediately visit an andrologist. Some experts also suggest scheduling regular consultations with an andrologist once a year after a boy turns 15.

What are the preparations before going to an andrologist?

Before consulting, you need to find as much information as possible about the andrology specialist you are going to visit. Look for testimonials and track records of the doctor you choose, either through website the hospital’s

You can also consider second opinion or opinions from family, relatives, and friends who have consulted before. If you are sure, contact the doctor or the relevant hospital to make an appointment in advance.

Quoted from the Better Health Channel , you need to prepare the following things before visiting a specialist, including:

Collect medical history, including test results relevant to the examination.
Write a list of symptoms experienced.
Record activities and lifestyle that the specialist should know.
Write down other treatments performed, including the consumption of drugs.
Show your referral letter, test results, and health insurance details if you have one.

Tell all the symptoms and complaints that you are experiencing, so that the specialist can give a good explanation. That way, the doctor can more easily make a diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment for your condition.

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