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Beauty With Acupuncture


DenpaNews treatment from China is not only able to cure various diseases. Now, acupuncture is the choice of women who want to look beautiful. Beautiful face and smooth skin is every woman’s dream. Caring for the health of facial skin is very important as a supporter of appearance, especially for you women. They also take various ways, from treatment with drugs, botox, to plastic surgery.

The big risks and costs involved are not a hindrance. However, now there is a method of beautifying the body at a relatively low cost, namely acupuncture. In fact, this therapy is also without side effects and works in a relatively short time. In a relatively short time, you can find natural beauty with acupuncture techniques. Acupuncture itself has been known since 5,000 years ago. Starting from treating abscesses, acupuncture is now developing to treat various diseases. Finally, acupuncture is now popular with women because it can overcome beauty problems. Dr. Petrina Slamat Dipl Cidesco from Semanggi Special Clinic, said, acupuncture is a natural treatment by stabbing at certain points on the body surface to produce a therapeutic effect. Acupuncture techniques as a whole can nourish the body. This is also related to skin health so that the effect will

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automatically be seen on the face. “In general, acupuncture is useful for improving blood and lymph circulation, increasing the body’s metabolism, and also for endurance,” said Dr. Petrina. Meanwhile, the equipment used in the acupuncture process is needles of various sizes, from 1/2 cun (acupuncture needle size) to 1 cun (specifically for the face) and the largest size reaches 5 cun. Another tool needed is thermal deep penetration (TDP).

TDP is a kind of heating lamp that is irradiated into the area of ​​the patient’s body to be treated during the stabbing process. The last is a tool to conduct electricity, and even then if needed. In the world of beauty itself, acupuncture provides very significant benefits, namely to maintain, treat, and maintain skin beauty. “Face problems, such as acne, dark spots, shrinking pores, tightening the face and wrinkles can be treated with acupuncture,” said Dr. Petrina, who also practices at the Edrea Spa & Aesthetic Center. For the face, puncture is done on the forehead, temples, under the eyes, nose, nostrils, corners of the mouth, and chin. The process is carried out without electricity, except to remove wrinkles. In addition to the face, there are several other beauty problems that can be treated with techniques that are currently growing rapidly in Indonesia. According to Dr. Petrina, these problems include obesity, hair problems (either loss, dandruff, or graying), cellulite, body odor. The short time is also an advantage of the acupuncture technique, although the results for each person are different. However, in general, within 12 times (six weeks) of therapy can be seen the results.

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