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Benefits Of Acupuncture


DenpaNews The benefits of acupuncture for the human body

Acupuncture (acupuncture) is widely practiced in many countries of the world, including our homeland. There is no consensus either among doctors or among patients regarding the benefits and harms of this procedure. But if we take into account the statistics, then this event has many useful properties and can compete with the most progressive pharmaceutical products in terms of efficiency.

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Useful qualities of acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that came to us from China. In total, it has more than one millennium. Many of the special properties of this technique are explained by the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire by ancient teachings. One of them puts Qi as the basis of the energy of mankind – a vital force that uses special energy channels called meridians for movement.

These meridians, in turn, are interconnected with certain internal organs. If the circulation of energy occurs in a free order, then a person feels comfortable and calm, without complaining about deterioration in health. If some channels are blocked, the energy flow undergoes stagnation, so its current weakens, which also affects well-being.

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Acupuncture is that it contributes to the destruction of these stagnation and restores energy movement. This result is achieved due to the impact of needles on certain subcutaneous points where the Qi energy comes into contact with the bodily surface. A doctor using acupuncture can speed up, slow down or leave the movement of energy at the same level. Experienced healers use as many as 12 channels and many thousands of points. This is precisely the main benefit of the technique – to achieve the restoration of normal body functions and give a weakened organ a tone.

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What ailments does acupuncture help with?

The spectrum of action of this technique is incredibly wide, so that it can be used to overcome the following conditions:

  • infertility in men and the beautiful half;
  • jumps in pressure – hypertension, hypotension;
  • diseases of the articular elements, including osteochondrosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • problems with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • depression and chronic fatigue;
  • sleep problems;
  • alcohol, drug, tobacco, food addiction;
  • deterioration of metabolism;
  • overweight.

There are two methods that are currently used most often. This is the Faleev method and the Golden Needle according to Mukhina. The second method helps to improve metabolic processes, remove excess fluid and toxins. If you need to increase the effectiveness of the applied methodology, you can improve the quality of nutrition and move more.

Osteochondrosis is quickly and effectively treated using this method. Practice shows that this ailment is usually problematic in terms of traditional treatment, so a person feels extremely bad, suffering from pain.

Acupuncture, by influencing the deep tissue layers, helps to reduce pain and eliminate swelling, as well as improve blood microcirculation. During the procedure, the synthesis of such hormonal elements as serotonin, cortisol occurs, which ensures the achievement of an anti-inflammatory result.

With the help of acupuncture, you can effectively fight smoking and do it better than various patches, dubious fees and encodings. Moreover, the impact on certain points leads to a change in the activity of the structural elements of the brain and affects the degree of craving for “forbidden fruits”.

Undoubtedly, acupuncture has tremendous benefits for the body and significantly outperforms traditional methods of therapy.

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