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Breastfeeding And Smoking Effects On Baby


DenpaNews Smoking while breastfeeding does not have any positive impact on health, especially for mothers who are breastfeeding. Those who are only expose to indirect exposure to cigarette smoke can be threatene with their health, what about the little one that you are breastfeeding and smoking, huh?

smoking while breastfeeding effects on baby

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You may worry about this if you smoke. Furthermore, several experts expressed their opinion on this matter, Mom.

Launching Hindustan Times , smoking while breastfeeding can affect the breastfeeding process for mothers. Breastfeeding habits can be affected by exposure to secondhand smoke, and mothers who smoke tend to stop breastfeeding sooner than mothers who are not expose to cigarettes, a study found.

“Research shows that simply being in a smoking household, be it father, mother, or extended family member, reduces the time a child is breastfed,” said Professor Marie Tarrant, Director of the UBC Okanagan School of Nursing.

In fact, the more smokers in the house, the shorter the duration of breastfeeding . The findings are consistent with previous research which has also found that exposure to household smokers also has a substantial negative effect on breastfeeding practices and dont smoking while breastfeeding, Tarrant said.

“More than a third of the participants had a partner or other household member who smoked. Fathers who smoked were significantly less likely to choose to breastfeed when compare to non-smoking partners,” Tarrant added.

Mothers need to know, nicotine can be transmitte through breast milk to children and this can reduce the overall amount of breast milk. There are also concerns about the environmental exposure of second-hand smoke in children.

“Research shows that smoking partners can influence a mother’s decision to stop breastfeeding and that household smoking is strongly associate with shorter breastfeeding duration,” Tarrant added.


Tarrant recommends that breastfeeding mothers and their families stop smoking before becoming pregnant. If someone chooses to smoke with the condition that the baby is at home. It is better to make sure the baby is not expose to the cigarette smoke.

This is because the impact of tobacco smoke will be very detrimental, where babies who are around people who smoke will tend to be more susceptible to respiratory infections and experience other respiratory disorders.

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In addition, smoking is also said to reduce the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers. Passing nicotine and other toxins through breast milk has also been link to an increased risk of fussiness, nausea, and restlessness in babies .

Smoke is also known to not only transmit harmful chemicals to the baby through breast milk, but can also affect the milk supply of new mothers. This is because smoking can cause less milk production.

The dangers of secondhand smoke or just passive smoking can also increase the baby’s risk of infections such as pneumonia, and sudden infant death syndrome.

So, as much as possible avoid smoking or smoking while breastfeeding to reduce nicotine exposure in babies, Mom.

Stop Smoking While Breastfeeding. This Has A Bad Impact on Your Little One and will Lower the Quality of Breast Milk

Not only men, many women smoker too. What are the effects smoking while breastfeeding ?

As is known, smoke can have a negative impact on health, especially if it is done during breastfeeding . Not only affects the mother’s health, smoking while breastfeeding is also bad for the baby’s .

Quoted by galamedia from various sources, exposure to nicotine and other substances in cigarettes that enter the mother’s body can affect the baby through breast milk . Nicotine will settle in breast milk for at least 3 hours after you smoke .

Not to mention the cigarette smoke that sticks to Mother’s clothes can be inhale by the Little One. In fact, the amount of nicotine that passes into breast milk is 2 times more than the amount of nicotine that enters the placenta when smoking during pregnancy.

Many already know that smoking while breastfeeding is harmful to health, both for themselves and for others, even some pregnant women still like to smoke, even though they also know that there are many dangers that will threaten themselves and their children.

Among them, smoking starts from the ‘light’ level (social smoker) to the ‘heavy’ level which can consume 2 to 3 packs in one day.

Indeed, not a few women who finally decided to stop smoking when they found out that she was pregnant. But there are still many who end up smoking again when they give birth. Some mothers even use smoking as an excuse to stop breastfeeding. They are worry about the side effects of the cigarettes they smoke into their breast milk and will enter their baby’s body.

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This understanding can indeed be justified, because there is indeed a bad effect for smoking mothers on the milk produced. But it also needs to be understood, it would be more dangerous if a baby. Who lives in a smoking environment full of pollution, does not get breast milk as an intake that can increase the baby’s immune system.

And in order to start thinking again about starting to stop smoking while breastfeeding, below are some explanations about the dangers of smoking for breastfeeding mothers:

1. Smoking will reduce the hormone prolactin in the body of a nursing mother, thereby reducing milk production. And if milk production decreases, it will indirectly trigger opportunities for early weaning.

2. Smoking will affect LDR (let down reflect). This makes it difficult for breast milk to be expelle, making it more difficult for the baby to enjoy.

3. Babies who often inhale cigarette smoke. Will increase the risk of developing pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections, and eye irritation,

4. Babies become fussy (Crying often), this is because not only the nicotine content that enters breast milk but also babies as passive smokers in the house will make them easily restless and cry.

5. Babies born to fathers and mothers who smoke are 7X more likely to die from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). In addition, infants 1-3X more often to the doctor because of respiratory infections or diseases related to allergies. And the risk of becoming a smoker increases when they grow up.

6. Children as passive smokers will tend to have low HDL blood levels. So that protection from coronary heart disease will be reduced.

7. Recent studies have also found that children who grow up in smoke-polluted environments have a higher risk of developing lung cancer later in life.

Of the many harmful risks of smoking mentioned above. Ussually it is still not enough to make a mother or mother-to-be want to quit smoking. So for mothers/women who currently smoke, you can take some steps as below. So that you and your baby are much healthier:

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Think about your baby’s health as well as your own health. Healthy conditions allow us to have maximum energy in educating and raising children optimally.

* If you can’t stop smoking completely, don’t stop breastfeeding. Your baby has the right to get breast milk for at least 2 years or more. This is because breast milk is a golden liquid that contains many substances they need for growth.

Babies who are not breastfed and fed formula through a pacifier have a higher risk of developing respiratory tract. Diseases than babies who only consume breast milk for 6 months. This will be further increase if the baby is in an environment full of cigarette smoke.

The less number of cigarettes you smoke will also reduce the risk posed. 

* Never smoke in the same room with the baby, let alone breastfeeding while smoking. You should give a distance of at least 1.5 hours between smoking and breastfeeding, because a study found that; The time it takes the body to eliminate the incoming nicotine is about 1.5 hours.

* The use of nicotine patches or nicotine gum as a substitute for cigarettes also has the same effect as smoking. Depending on the level of nicotine that enters the body from the candy.

As responsible parents, we certainly want to give the best for our children. With this short article about the dangers of smoking while breastfeeding mothers and babies. Hopefully it can add to our insight.

So whatever Mother’s choice, it is based on sufficient information and has been thought about and discussed with her husband or family. thats why Smoking while breastfeeding effects on baby

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