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Myths Around Cardio Exercise and Weight Loss


DenpaNews exercise cardio has become a sport for many people, many rumors and myths are circulating about it. Don’t rush into believing until you find out what’s going on and how to take advantage of cardiovascular exercise to maximize weight loss.

Here is a cardio workout guide to answer some of the myths surrounding this exercise.

cardi exercise and weight loss

Cardio first, weight training later

It is often said that a strength training session should be preceded by a cardio session. However, that’s not the case. If you do a good cardio session, people will have less energy left for strength training. So, it is recommended to do each on a different day so that it can give the best results.

Burn a minimum of 500 calories

No one ever knows how many calories are burned during cardio training for weight loss. Each person is different, depending on several factors such as diet, muscle tone, and other lifestyle changes. Therefore, it is not recommended to limit the number of calories to be burned because it will limit weight loss standards that are unrealistic.

Burn fat better when cardio on an empty stomach

This is not true. Cardio sessions require fat and carbohydrates. If you exercise on an empty stomach, the fat that is in the bloodstream and muscle storage will be used by the body instead of the fat cells. Make sure to eat something light before exercising so you don’t get dehydrated.

Separating cardio and strength training

While this may sound confusing, separating the two forms of exercise on the same day is not as effective as combining them if you do them on the same day. Cycling or running on a treadmill for fifteen minutes in the middle of an endurance training session can have a better effect on metabolism. Give it a try, and use cardio as a form of rest between sets of strength training.

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Cardio is only for weight loss

Cardio is effective for weight loss, but it’s not the only form of exercise that will help you have the ideal body. Only cardio training can lead to overly monotonous movements and no strength training will lead to muscle loss which slows down weight loss. Therefore, do not rely entirely on any one form of exercise for weight loss.

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