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Facial Acupuncture for Brighter and Healthier Face


DenpaNews For most women, a salon or beauty house is certainly not a foreign place, isn’t it, Mak? Almost all women must know this place. Whether it’s just for a haircut or cream bath and hair spa, or a comprehensive treatment, such as facial, hair spa, body scrub, meni pedi, and others. Have you ever heard of facial acupuncture treatment?

Yes, maybe there is a mother who regularly visits the salon, isn’t it, Make? But, for me personally, the salon is only for haircuts and hair care. When I feel bored with the hairstyle, or need a hair spa or cream bath treatment, I just visited the salon. For facial treatments, we can indeed get a complete package at the salon. But, especially for me, for facial treatment, I prefer to a beauty acupuncturist.

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Yup, I’ve been doing this facial acupuncture since about a year and a half ago, although it’s not as diligent as recommended once a week. I only do facial acupuncture at least twice a month and a maximum of 3 times.

What is facial acupuncture like?

From what I feel, this facial acupuncture makes my face brighter and healthier!

Yes, at first of course I was a little horrified when I imagined the needles stabbing my face, Make. But after I felt the benefits, I never thought about all that again.

The equipment used in the facial acupuncture process include:

  • Needles of various sizes, from 1/2 cun (acupuncture needle size) to 1 cun (only for the face).
  • A special tool for conducting electricity that is attached to a needle in our face.

Well, the process itself does not take too long.

After our face is cleaned, then pierced with approximately 12-20 needles. After that, the needles will be electrified for about 30 minutes. Try to be in a relaxed state during the process of electrification.

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Benefits of facial acupuncture

In the world of beauty itself, facial acupuncture provides very significant benefits, namely to maintain, treat, and maintain skin beauty.

Facial problems such as acne, black spots, shrinking pores, tightening the face and wrinkles can also be treated with this acupuncture, Mak.

For the face, stabbing is done on the forehead, temples, under the eyes, nose, nostrils, corners of the mouth, chin, and cheeks. Where I usually do facial acupuncture, after being stabbed and electrified, my face is massaged or tapped slowly.

The results can be felt immediately, usually after finishing acupuncture, the face feels supple and brighter. If done regularly, our face and skin will be much healthier because blood circulation and nerve points become smooth.

I do. Physical beauty is not everything, the most important of all is the beauty that radiates from within.

But caring for what God has bestowed is also evidence of our gratitude to His greatness. Is that right, Mom?

Besides, I’m not too fond of and good at makeup. So it’s better for me to make sure my face is healthy and looks confident even without heavy makeup, with an alternative choice of beauty treatments with facial acupuncture.

Do you want to try it too?

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