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How China Is Fighting COVID-19 : Why China Has a Different Approach To Vaccination Than The West


Denpa News I think everyone noticed that the news about the Antique Front in China somehow disappeared. I had to work hard to figure out why there was such silence around the Celestial Empire. And the reason was that against the background of China, everyone, and not only the Ukrainian, European and American governments, look like teams of schizophrenics. Therefore, it is better to keep silent about China.

Unlike Europeans and Americans, China has set itself the main goal not at all to vaccinate everyone indiscriminately. Vaccinations were a bonus to the people, a gift from the government. Whether you want to be vaccinated or not, no one checks for vaccinations. Nobody restricts the unvaccinated. As a result, in China, 80% of the population, that is, almost all adults, are vaccinated, and, voluntarily, another motivation, not known to us, worked for the population.
The main task of the Chinese epidemiological system or zero Covid strategies is to reduce to zero cases of human infection without the use of lockdowns and damage to the economy and people. How did they manage it? After all, the famous isolation in Wuhan has long been in the past.

There are several key points in the China-built system. First, every citizen has an individual epidemiological status, which is automatically generated and updated by the national system and is reflected on everyone’s phone. Not the notorious vaccination certificates, but the epidemiological status, the risk of infection of others. This is a basic, fundamental difference from the European approach to the fight against coronavirus.

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There are only three categories of status:
– “healthy” (green) – do what you want, there are no restrictions,
– “contact” (yellow) – no luck, the system registered a contact (a space of 800 sq. m shared with the test-positive person for 10 minutes), that is, somewhere an infected person passed by, then the contact was prescribed self-isolation- “sick” (red) – the test is positive, no outpatient treatment, the patient must be in the hospital.

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Only this epidemiological status, and not the presence of vaccinations, is monitored, and, at every step, it is impossible to avoid a total scan, it is useless to leave the house without a phone, you cannot go further than the yard. But whether a person is vaccinated is not controlled. People were vaccinated because, in case of infection, it would not be possible to get out of the hospital, they would get it regardless of saturation. And the vaccinated are highly likely to leave the hospital quickly and certainly will not die. Nobody removes anyone from work, does not tell nonsense, does not play people against each other. It was explained to everyone that vaccination is like a vaccine, a common thing, the state took care of the people, now whoever gets vaccinated will not die and will not become disabled. If you want, get vaccinated. Here are all the adults and were vaccinated.

On the other hand, disputes among physicians such as whether to inject hormones on an outpatient basis or not to inject, are simply absent – the Chinese do not treat coronavirus on an outpatient basis – only a hospital. Accordingly, not “neglected” patients are admitted to the hospital, and treatment is carried out immediately.

The second point for which the control of the epidemiological status is carried out is the epidemiological investigation. In the era of digital technologies, it is not difficult, if a patient is found, to identify all his contacts – all people, by chance or not, who are near him. Everyone carries their phones with them because they scan the code at every step. There was a case when the train driver was removed from the flight, and at the same time 211 passengers because the driver’s phone crossed with the phone of some sick person. In case of contact, the national system itself generates a change in status and notifies the person that his status has turned yellow, and he is obliged to isolate himself.

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The Chinese do not shout from every iron about the state in their smartphone, they just make it. It is not clear why it was necessary for Ukraine to create a single digital database of patients if a patient in an active phase with a high temperature must crawl to the family doctor for a paper referral for testing, analyzes, etc., infecting everyone who is nearby on the way? Why do we need a national digital system if there is no way for a family doctor to generate a referral in it, and in a laboratory to read this referral?

The third key point is epidemiological measures. Carried out only in the event of a lesion. Recently, such a focus was discovered in the city of Chengdu with a population of 16.3 million people. The outbreak, which was followed by the reaction of the authorities – there are 8 cases of a positive test (Eight !!! for the population as 5 Kiev). Sanitary and epidemiological units were introduced into the city, the entire territory was divided into quadrats, testing points were equipped in shopping centers and cinemas, and in two nights (one night – so that everything would continue to work and not interfere with anyone), all 16.3 million people. have been tested. Nobody shied away from arriving at the appointed place, because otherwise there will be such problems with scanning the status that it will not seem like a little. Special people directed and regulated the queues. All statuses in the city were updated, all infected were identified and isolated. No lockdown, no restrictions, no wars with anti-vaccine.

The result of such a created system is the fact that the recent report of 97 cases of infection in the entire almost one and a half billion China was a real emergency. Hospitals are not busy, the state’s costs for treating patients are scanty, factories are working, the economy is growing, restaurants and shops are open, citizens are calm and no one is oppressing them. There have been no deaths from covid for a long time. Over the entire period of the pandemic in China, 4636 people died from covid, of which 4512 – in the very first outbreak in Wuhan. The remaining 122 deaths – for the entire remaining period for the whole of China! Now in the whole country with a population of 1.4 billion people – 27 seriously ill!

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And it is not necessary to say that in Ukraine the sanitary and epidemiological system has been destroyed, and therefore there can be nothing like this in our country. In two years of the pandemic, everything could be rebuilt – cheaper and more efficiently than before. The sanitary and epidemiological system is no longer about money in the 21st century. It’s about logistics. Fortunately, there are enough IT specialists in the country, including specialists in big data processing.

So, if you set yourself the goal of zero infection, then you need to behave like China. If you challenge a country to learn to live with a covid, you need to behave like Europe. If the task is to spend as much money on purchases as possible and at the same time not learn how to coexist with covid like Europeans, or get rid of it like the Chinese, then take an example from Ukraine.

And although the Europeans criticize the Chinese approach, claiming that it is too expensive, the country is closed, there are many inconveniences for people with endless status scanning, for some reason it seems to me that, in per capita terms, the Chinese system is both cheaper and more humane than the Ukrainian one.

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