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Paracetamol and pregnancy

Denpa News Paracetamol is the antipyretic analgesic of choice during pregnancy. Nevertheless, a consensus of 91 international experts in Nature Reviews Endocrinology calls for caution when using acetaminophen during pregnancy.

While health authorities, including the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA), recommend the use of acetaminophen in pregnant women, “a growing body of epidemiological and experimental studies indicate that prenatal exposure to acetaminophen may affect fetal development.” harm ,” the report said. This can lead to neurodevelopmental, reproductive and genitourinary disorders.

For the authors, paracetamol remains an important treatment, especially given the few alternatives available.

But the collective advises women to be vigilant and seek advice from a health professional about the true benefit of using it, especially over an “extended period”.

Indeed, the Reference Center for Teratogens (FR) points out that “cryptorchidism, asthma/wheezing and neurodevelopmental disorders” have been reported, but that “causation cannot be established based on the available clinical data and the methodological bias of the published studies “. That is why we insist in our advice that pregnant women take paracetamol in the lowest possible dose and for the shortest possible time.

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