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6 Things That Are Prohibited After Injecting Booster Vaccines


DenpaNews The booster vaccine since January, 2022. The program is intended for those aged 18 years and over with priority for the elderly and immunocompromised patients. In addition, a booster vaccine is also given to those who have received a complete dose of vaccination or two injections and a minimum of six months after the injection of two doses.

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So that antibodies are formed properly and there are no certain risks, the following are things that are not recommended for someone after receiving Covid-19.

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1. Consuming Alcohol

Launching from the Unicef website, alcohol can lower the immune system. In addition, alcohol also causes the body’s immune response or antibodies to vaccines to not work effectively. So consuming alcohol is not recommended in a few days both before and after the vaccine because it can result in the vaccine not working.

2. Smoking

After a person receives a booster vaccine, it is recommended not to smoke immediately. This is as revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO) that people who smoke after the vaccine are at high risk of experiencing a fairly severe infection if exposed to Covid-19. Similar to alcohol, smoking can also reduce the antibody response to the Covid-19 vaccine.

3. Consuming Foods & Snacks with a High Glycemic Index

The taboos that must be avoided by diabetics who take booster vaccines are certain types of foods that have a high glycemic index. The glycemic index shows how quickly food affects blood sugar levels. The higher the glycemic index, the faster the blood sugar spikes. Citing the NDTV Food website, the following foods should be avoided:
• Sugar and sweet food
• Sweet drink
• Bread
• Potato
• White rice

4. Eating Fast Food

For someone who has just received a booster vaccine, it is necessary to avoid consuming junk food or fast food directly. This is because fast food is high in trans fats. These fats can affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.

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5. Straight away from the Vaccine Place

Similar to the first and second doses of vaccine, the third or booster dose is also at risk of causing AEFI or post-immunization Adverse Events.
Launching from the United States CDC, someone who has just received a booster vaccine is advised not to leave immediately. It’s best to wait 15 to 30 minutes first. If there is an allergic reaction, the medical personnel at the location can immediately provide help.

6. Ignoring Health Protocols

Launching again from the Unicef website, even though they have received several doses of the vaccine, that doesn’t mean someone ignores the advice to implement health protocols. This is because giving a vaccine does not mean that a person can avoid one hundred percent of the transmission of Covid-19.
So for those of you who have received the vaccine, it is recommended to still adhere to the health protocol. Apply the recommendations by wearing a mask, washing hands after activities and using hand sanitizer, and maintaining a safe distance.



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