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Recognize 8 Types of Acupuncture That Are Beneficial for Treatment


DenpaNews Acupuncture has long been introduced as a traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment is well known in various countries, so many provide acupuncture services.

Many benefits are obtained from acupuncture therapy, especially for certain diseases. To get to know him better, here are the types of acupuncture, as reported by DAATC, Saturday (26/1).

1. Body Acupuncture

This is the most common type of acupuncture. Involves very fine steel needles that are inserted into various acupuncture points on the body.

Each acupuncture point has a different therapeutic effect. These points are literally all over the body from head to toe.

The needle is very smooth although there is a slight feeling when the needle is inserted. This type of acupuncture is used to treat various ailments.

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2. Acupuncture Auricularis

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that there are acupuncture points that represent all areas of the body, namely the ears. This can be stimulated using very fine small steel needles.

These tiny needles are plastered with adhesive so they can stay in the ear for up to a week. This method is very useful for treating addictions such as smoking or alcohol. This type of acupuncture can also be used in conjunction with body acupuncture for the treatment of infertility.

3. Acupuncture Electro

Electro acupuncture is used in conjunction with body acupuncture. This is where the electro acupuncture machine is connected to the top of the body’s acupuncture needles.

The needle is then stimulated with an electric current. The patient feels a mild, tingling sensation. It is useful for many conditions but is not suitable for all patients.

4. Acupressure

This is where the acupuncture points are pressed or massaged by the acupuncturist. In the treatment of certain conditions, the therapist will provide massage or pressure on specific points. It is very useful for treating headaches and morning sickness.

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5. Magnets and Acupuncture

Small magnets are placed over the acupuncture points or kept at the acupuncture points using elastic bands. These magnets can even be purchased at some pharmacies and are especially useful for patients with frequent morning sickness or motion sickness.

6. Moxibustion and Acupuncture

The top of the acupuncture needle is affixed with a special herb. This herb provides a warm effect on the needles and areas of the body. Benefits for treating cold.

7. Heat Treatment and Acupuncture

This way by heating the needles and heat flows into the needles to the acupuncture points and then has a strong therapeutic effect. Most of the patients find this treatment very pleasant and benefit greatly from it.

This therapy is especially useful for painful conditions, such as sports injuries and various gynecological problems in women.

8. Cupping and Acupuncture

Bamboo cups or cups are used in conjunction with acupuncture. The therapist lights the fire and places it in the cup for a while. The goal is oxygen in the cup and create a vacuum effect. The cup is then quickly placed in the desired area.

The vacuum inside the cup causes a suction effect and the cup sticks to the skin. The glass can feel very tight against the skin and even feel like it is being pinched.

Occasionally, bruising or discoloration may occur on the area where the cup was used. Its suction power brings blood to the surface of the skin. This procedure is painless, and is usually applied to areas that are easy to close, such as the back.

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