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Slimming Needle – Acupuncture Technique M.Mukhina


DenpaNews The slimming shot is one of the most controversial weight control methods. The author of the method, Mariyat Mukhina, offers her clients to lose weight, thanks to her knowledge of oriental medicine, namely reflexotherapy. Acting at certain points, you can treat the body from various diseases. When you prick an ear to lose weight, your appetite decreases, your thirst for dessert quenches and your metabolism speeds up. A golden needle for weight loss will help you in the fight against obesity, about the features and cost of the method, read the article.

About the golden needle Mukhina

In the tragus of the ear, the points responsible for the feeling of hunger and the craving for harmful products are felt. If needles are created in the ear for weight loss, they will be effective at these points for a long time and this will ensure weight loss. The needle is placed in the ear so that it connects the centers of thirst and hunger and gives you a harmony of Yin and Yang energies. According to Eastern philosophy, human health improves when these energies are in balance. Instead of feeling hungry, you will lose hateful kilograms.

This knowledge was used by Chinese warriors in ancient times. They pierced their hunger and thirst points with horsehair so that their appetite would not interfere with them during military campaigns. Now this technique is patented, you can stick a needle in your ear and use the wisdom of Eastern philosophy to correct the shape.

What does a golden needle look like?

DenpaNews Outwardly, the golden needle for weight loss resembles the usual thin piercing barbell. The decoration is almost imperceptible in the ear, as it is placed on the trestle of the ear cartilage located at the entrance of the ear canal. The classic gold needle has a thin base and 2 gold balls at the tip. But for those who love aesthetics, Mariat Mukhina offers a variety of jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones such as rubies, cubic zirconia, topaz, diamonds. The effectiveness of jewelry does not depend on it, but it will be more pleasant to wear such a needle.

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Advantages of the Mukhina acupuncture method

In general, the effectiveness of acupuncture depends on the systematic nature of the procedure; that is, the positive effect of the acupuncture needle on the human body occurs with regular exposure. However, not everyone can visit the clinic continuously to hold the next session. If you put a needle for weight loss, the action will be constant. Mukhina promises its customers the following advantages of this method:

  • The effect on the hunger point does not allow you to overeat.
  • The weight goes smoothly.
  • The procedure is completely safe and has no side effects.
  • The decoration is invisible to others because it is also called invisible needle for weight loss.

The advantage of the method can also be taken into account its scientific validity. Reflexology and its positive effects on the human body have been well studied and proven effective.

Disadvantages needles for weight loss

The Golden Needle for weight loss has conflicting reviews. Some are grateful to the Mukhina method and confirm its effectiveness, but there are few such recommendations. But it is full of negative experiences that women have online. The disadvantages of such weight loss are as follows:

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  • Procedure; it has a number of contraindications such as cancer, chronic and dangerous diseases, hypersensitivity to acupuncture, hormonal drugs.
  • The needle only works together by changing eating behavior and following a strict diet.
  • The cost of inserting the needle is not something that everyone can afford.

The process of attaching gold needles for weight loss

The procedure should only be done by a specialist. It is strictly forbidden to insert a needle at home. Remember that there are spots on the body that if you touch them, you can injure your body to death. The step-by-step procedure looks like this:

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You will come to the Mariat Mukhina clinic.

It will be weighed, measured, said about the needle principle.

At first, with thin needles, the doctor acts on hunger, thirst, will and desire for harmful products.

Then the points of hunger and thirst are connected by placing a needle on the ear stand.

You need to wear the device every day for at least a month and a half, it is forbidden to remove it yourself. If you want to remove the decoration, a specialist should do it.

Needle loading cost

There are quite a few Mariat Mukhina clinics in Russia, in Moscow, Kolomna, Chelyabinsk, Ivanovo, Omsk, Kazan and many other cities. Therefore, in your city or somewhere not far away, Dr. You will find the Mukhina clinic. The installation price is about 10,000 rubles, the first consultation of a nutritionist is about 3,000 rubles. Periodically you will have to come to the clinic for a consultation, each further application costs about 2500 rubles. In addition, in the center of Mariyat Mukhina you can purchase additional services aimed at adjusting the figure, such as wrapping and massage.

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Next suggestions

Mariyat Mukhina, like any self-respecting specialist in the medical field, understands that without changing your eating habits there will be no results. Therefore, the clinic will give you the following recommendations, which are reduced to a strict diet:

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  • Your diet will mainly consist of protein foods.
  • You will need to drink at least 2 liters of water per day.
  • Completely exclude harmful products: all sweets, fast food, preserves, sugary drinks, flour products.
  • To minimize the damage to the body from a strict diet, you need to drink complex vitamins.
  • Needle and puncture site care is not necessary. Try not to touch the needle, as there are comments on the Internet that the device can fly off and the tragus can be injured.
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Believe it or not, the effectiveness of this technique – you decide. There are many examples of successful weight loss with a needle in the ear, but maybe the secret to losing weight is not in decoration, but in diet?

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