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The Urine Reveals Our Biological Age


Denpa News A urine test can be used to determine a person’s biological age and whether he is at risk of developing certain age-related diseases, according to research by Hasselt University and KULeuven, in collaboration with international partners.

Researchers from Hasselt University and KU Leuven have for the first time identified a group of protein fragments in urine samples that provide insight into a person’s biological age. “Biological age does not correspond to chronological age in everyone, due to various factors, such as lifestyle or environment,” says Professor Tim Nawrot (UHasselt). “We show for the first time that it is possible to determine the biological age and general health of a person from a protein profile in a urine sample.

“Blood circulates in our body through all vital organs and carries proteins or protein fragments that reflect the health of the organs and, by extension, of the whole body. These proteins are also found in the urine. By analyzing urine samples, we have 54 protein fragments have been found that indicate whether an organ is functioning less well, even at a stage where the person still appears healthy. You could call this a urine aging clock,” adds Dr. Dries Martens (UHasselt) ready.

The researchers were able to associate these 54 protein fragments with risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and age-related pathologies such as cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis.

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