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Tips – 8 Ways to Increase Fertility


DenpaNews Are you still trying to have children? Sometimes to achieve pregnancy is not something that is easy for some couples. Some individuals still find it difficult to have children because of the fertility problems they are experiencing. Even though you and your partner have often had sexual intercourse, your fertility factor can hinder your desire. For that, you should increase your fertility to make it easier for you to achieve pregnancy.

What should I do to increase fertility?

Everyone would want to have a normal fertility rate. Fertility makes it easier for you and your partner to have children. It can be said that the level of fertility determines a person can have children or not. Therefore, most people do various ways to increase their fertility.

Some of the tips that can be done to increase your fertility are:

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1. Normal weight

Women are advised to have a normal weight to increase fertility. Women who are too thin or who have a low weight ( underweight ) and women who are overweight ( overweight ) tend to be more difficult to achieve pregnancy.

A study of 2112 pregnant women showed that women who had a pre-pregnancy Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-39 ( overweight to obesity) had twice the time to successfully conceive. Meanwhile, women who have a BMI of less than 19 ( underweight ) have 4 times longer time to achieve pregnancy.

Weight gain is associated with impaired production of hormones associated with the release of a woman’s egg (ovulation). This makes your menstrual cycle irregular, so it will be difficult for you to achieve pregnancy.

2. Take care of sperm health

Several studies have shown that repeated exposure to heat in a man’s testicles can reduce the quality of a man’s sperm, which in turn affects male fertility. As in research which says that frequent hot baths can affect male fertility. Other studies have shown that a man’s scrotal temperature increases when he works on his lap and this can reduce sperm quality if done repeatedly for a long time. There are also studies that say that putting your cell phone in your pants pocket near the testicles can affect sperm health.

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3. Quit smoking

Smoking can affect male and female fertility. In men, smoking can reduce the number of sperm production and also damage the DNA carried by sperm. Meanwhile, women who smoke can affect the egg and uterus. The egg that has been fertilized by sperm tends to be difficult to attach to the uterus as a place to develop. Therefore, smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage. Toxins in cigarettes can also make eggs older, for example, the egg you have now looks like an egg at 43 when you’re 36, says Robert Barbieri, MD, chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. , Boston, reported by parents.com .

4. Take care of your food

When you are trying to get pregnant, you should watch your food consumption. Make sure you meet your needs for essential nutrients, such as protein, iron, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Deficiency of these essential nutrients can prolong your menstrual cycle and also increase your risk of having a miscarriage in early pregnancy. Also, make sure you eat a balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

5. Limit drinking coffee and alcohol

Drinking too much coffee or alcohol can affect a woman’s fertility rate. A study shows that alcohol consumption can decrease a woman’s ability to get pregnant and can also harm the developing fetus. Alcohol can change the level of estrogen in a woman’s body, thereby interfering with the attachment of the egg to the uterus.

For coffee consumption, it should also be limited. Experts say that consumption of more than 5 cups or the equivalent of 500 mg of caffeine a day is associated with decreased fertility rates. Research shows that caffeine can have an impact on a woman’s hormone levels and also have an impact on the length of time a woman reaches pregnancy.

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6. Do not delay sexual intercourse

Not having sex with your partner for more than five days can affect your sperm count. If you think that having sex every day can reduce the number of sperm you produce, then you are wrong. Having sex every day will not decrease the number of sperm your body produces, but it may be exhausting for you to do it every day. Having sex every other day may be good for those of you who are trying to have children.

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7. Stay away from stress

Stress can affect your fertility. Women with high stress levels have a harder time conceiving than those with lower stress levels. Therefore, it is best to avoid stress while you are trying to conceive. Do things that calm your heart and mind, such as exercise.

However, what should be underlined is not to do strenuous exercise while you are trying to get pregnant. A study shows that women who often do strenuous exercise have lower fertility rates. However, this may also be influenced by other factors, such as weight.

8. Stay away from pesticides

Many pesticides (chemicals used to kill insects) can reduce male and female fertility. In women, pesticides can interfere with egg function and the menstrual cycle. As for men, according to research published by Human Reproduction in 2015 showed that men who eat fruits and vegetables that contain pesticides can reduce the number and quality of sperm they produce. Therefore, it is better to wash fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating them to remove the levels of pesticides.

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