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Tips For Choosing A Powerful Soap To Get Rid Of Body Odor


DenpaNews Body odor is a sensitive issue. That’s why, buying soap to remove body odor may make someone feel inferior. Moreover, not all types of bath effective in removing this aroma. There are several things you need to pay attention to when choosing a deodorizing soap so that the effect lasts a long time.

So, what are the right tips in choosing body odor removal soap? Listen here, yes!

The reason your body can smell

A person has body odor when his body emits an unpleasant odor that is not present because of sweat.

The reason is, human sweat basically does not have any scent. Body odor is caused by bacteria on the surface of the body.

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Bad odors can come from the armpits , legs, groin, navel, intimate organs, anus, body and pubic hair, and behind the ears.

These bacteria break down the proteins in sweat and turn them into a type of acid.

This protein decomposition process increases with the presence of bacteria that continue to grow, causing an unpleasant odor.

Tips for choosing the best deodorizing soap

Body odor makes you insecure and uncomfortable for others. What’s more, this scent cannot be subsided with just perfume.

Soap works to cleanse the body by binding dirt and germs on the surface of the skin, then carrying them away from your body when rinsing with water.

Here are tips for choosing deodorizing soap that you can try so that the scent lasts.

1.Choose antibacterial content

Given that the cause comes from bacteria, then you have to choose a deodorizing soap that works specifically to eradicate these microorganisms.

Ordinary bath soap can indeed get rid of dirt and germs from the surface of the skin.

However, it’s important to know that regular soap products can’t kill bacteria on your skin.

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Therefore, you need a soap that is more effective as a body odor remover, namely soap with antibacterial properties.

When you are buying bath soap, choose one that has an “antibacterial” description on the package.

Bath soap with antibacterial content can kill bacteria that settle on your body effectively.

Antibacterial soap contains a special ingredient called triclosan. Triclosan is also called triclocarban in some products.
Launching UCSB ScienceLine , triclosan and triclocarban are special compounds that can only dissolve in oil or fatty compounds, such as bacterial cell membranes.

Soluble triclosan and triclocarban then penetrate the membrane.

Once inside the bacteria, they act like poison against a type of enzyme that regulates the formation of bacterial membranes.

Bacteria can no longer form a protective membrane and eventually die.

Even more amazing, one molecule of triclosan can stop the function of the enzyme permanently.

This is why triclosan and triclocarban are powerful antimicrobials against bacteria.

Thus, you can minimize the risk of experiencing body odor.

2. Antiseptic content

In addition to antibacterial soap, you can choose a bath soap labeled “antiseptic” as a deodorizer. What is the difference?

Basically, antibacterial and antiseptic soaps actually work the same way in getting rid of bacteria.

However, antiseptic soap is not only able to kill bacteria, but also eradicate fungi, protozoa, and viruses that may be attached to the body.

Most antiseptic soaps contain additives such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

3. Choose a soap that contains antiperspirant

According to the Mayo Clinic , antiperspirants contain aluminum-based compounds that temporarily close sweat pores.

The closed pores are able to reduce the amount of sweat so that the smell of the body can be muffled.

You can also choose a topical antiperspirant that works by pulling sweat back into the sweat glands.

When the body receives a signal that the sweat glands are full, sweat production will decrease.

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4. Deodorant

In addition to soap, you can also use deodorant as a way to get rid of body odor. Deodorant can remove odors but sweat remains.

Deodorants usually contain alcohol which makes the skin acidic so it doesn’t attract bacteria to be present.

In addition, deodorants also contain perfumes that can cover unpleasant odors from the body.

In order for the fragrance to last longer, you need to pay attention to how to use the right deodorant , one of which is when the skin is dry.

Sometimes, deodorizing soap alone is not enough

Antibacterial soap is indeed quite effective in eradicating bacteria on the skin.

However, sometimes bathing regularly using antibacterial soap is sometimes not enough to prevent body odor from coming back.

So that the results are more optimal, you are advised to take part in other prevention efforts, for example the following.

  • Clean all parts of the body evenly when bathing.
  • Always wear clean clothes.
  • Wear clothes made from natural materials so your skin can breathe.
  • Use deodorant or antiperspirant regularly.
  • Immediately change clothes , socks, and shoes after exercising.

Using deodorizing soap is only one of many ways to prevent bad odors.

Sometimes, some people just need to use other methods because not everyone is suitable for using antibacterial soap.

A number of antibacterial soap products can cause side effects in the form of dry skin .

If you experience these effects, stop using it and try to consult a doctor for a more suitable solution.

However, you need to consult a doctor if you have tried the ways to maintain personal hygiene above and the problem of body odor does not go away.

The reason is, body odor can also be present because of health problems and underlying medical conditions.

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