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What You Need to Know Before Booking an MRI


Denpa News Magnetic resonance imaging makes it possible to obtain cross-sectional images of organs or systems using the magnetic resonance method. This type of study appeared more than 30 years ago, and during this time its effectiveness and high information content have been scientifically proven, which in many cases surpasses other diagnostic methods.

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What does an MRI show?
With MRI, both planar and volumetric anatomical images of the area under study can be obtained. Depending on which area is being scanned, the following types of MRI are distinguished: brain , internal organs , joints , spine , etc. The greater the power of the tomograph, the higher the resolution of the images and, therefore, the more accurate the diagnosis. The tomograph in our center allows you to take high-quality images, which helps doctors make the right diagnoses.

What are the differences between MRI scanners?

Magnetic resonance imaging scanners are of several types and have differences in some indicators. First, tomographs differ in the strength of the magnetic field. The unit of measurement is Tesla. The higher this indicator, the more opportunities the tomograph has in terms of research and the quality of the images obtained.
Depending on the strength of the magnetic field, the following types of MRI are distinguished:

low-field (from 0.1 to 0.5 T)
mid-field (from 0.5 to 1 T)
high-field (from 1 to 2 T)
ultra-high-field (over 2 T)

Our center has a modern high-field General Electric MRI scanner with a capacity of 1.5 Tesla. To date, it fully complies with European quality standards.
What is the difference between open and closed tomographs?

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Also, magnetic resonance imaging scanners are of closed and open type. A form of closed MRI is a tunnel in which the patient is placed. At the same time, the device is not closed from all sides – the space remains open from the side of the head and legs. An open type MRI is a table on which the patient is located, and the magnetic coils of the tomograph are located above and below. All other space is open. Of course, the study on open-type tomographs is more comfortable, but such tomographs are mainly low-field or medium-field. Therefore, their capabilities are limited and it is recommended to conduct simple studies on such tomographs. In those cases when it is necessary to obtain the most accurate information, magnetic resonance imaging is performed on high-field or ultra-high-field closed-type tomographs.
Other information

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Previously, magnetic resonance imaging was used to study the brain and spine. However, later the scope of MRI has expanded significantly and now any organ can be examined by this method. There are only a few organs for the study of which it is preferable to use other diagnostic methods. First of all, these are organs that contain air. For examination of the lungs, it is preferable to use fluorography or X-ray CT. But in most cases, only the MRI method is the most informative and accurate, especially in studies of the brain and spinal cord.

During the procedure, the patient must lie still, as static affects the quality of the images. In cases where maintaining immobility is not possible, then MRI is performed using sedation. At the time when a series of shots is taken, it is better to remain completely still so that you do not have to redo them later. In some cases, MRI can acquire and evaluate dynamic images. Most often this is done to assess the functions of a particular organ.

During the study, the patient does not experience any pain. The only thing that can cause discomfort is the sound that the device makes during operation. The higher the power of the tomograph, the louder these sounds. Therefore, in order to reduce the noise level, the patient is given earplugs or vacuum headphones.

Currently, there are a large number of medical institutions where you can undergo an MRI at any convenient time. But our medical center has the most modern equipment that allows you to receive accurate information. Experienced specialists who conduct appointments and conduct research will quickly and accurately make the correct diagnosis and prescribe you effective treatment.

MRI during pregnancy

Attention! CMRI clinics do not perform MRI throughout the entire pregnancy.

Magnetic resonance imaging is widely used in all areas of medicine, as it allows you to study organs and tissues in detail, as well as evaluate their work. One of the leading places is occupied by MRI in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. The main task of magnetic resonance imaging is the diagnosis of pathologies of the female genital organs, as well as monitoring the condition of the fetus and placenta.

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MRI is prescribed as an additional research method in cases where the ultrasound method does not provide accurate information. MRI of the fetus makes it possible to identify pathology, assess the degree of its development and nature. Some anomalies in the development of the fetus cannot be detected by ultrasound, therefore, in such cases, magnetic resonance imaging becomes the main diagnostic method. MRI is mandatory in cases where an intrauterine infection is detected, as it can have a negative effect on the fetus. If a woman gives birth to a child with any abnormalities, then during subsequent pregnancies, MRI should also be mandatory for pregnant women in order to exclude pathologies.

At the moment, there are no research results indicating a negative impact of MRI on fetal development or the course of pregnancy. However, in the network of CMRT clinics, for reasons of safety prevention, magnetic resonance imaging is not performed for women throughout the entire period of pregnancy

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