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Tips 6 Ways to Increase Testosterone Naturally


DenpaNews How can a man increase testosterone levels without steroids?

The question of how to increase testosterone, one way or another, worries many men, especially after 40 . This hormone is the most important in the life of each of us, especially those who are engaged in bodybuilding. Along with cortisol, insulin and somatropin , testosterone directly affects both the rate of mass gain and weight loss . The male sex hormone takes an active part in many processes in the body, and its deficiency always causes health problems at any age. Fortunately, it is quite possible to normalize the hormonal background in a natural way, without resorting to the help of doctors. For six really working and natural ways to increase testosterone

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Method 1. Create a Diet for Testosterone

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This is the easiest and most natural way to increase testosterone. Therefore, in my story, products that have a positive and negative effect on the hormonal background are given a central role. The only problem is that gastronomic recommendations for increasing testosterone levels in men are at odds with the generally accepted model of modern diets. For the main postulate of such a diet is the presence in it of foods rich in cholesterol.

But we all know how cholesterol is “dangerous” for our health, any doctor will tell us about its horrific consequences and will gladly prescribe drugs to lower cholesterol levels. And here comes the time to wonder if the world “behind the scenes” is behind all this in order to reduce the growing population of the Earth: low cholesterol = low testosterone = human extinction.

But I don’t think that’s the point at all (well, not only that), but the fact that cholesterol-lowering drugs are among the top five best-selling in the world and bring billions in profits to pharmaceutical companies. Maybe because the discovery of cholesterol by the Soviet doctor Nikolai Anichkov in the United States is considered one of the 10 most important scientific breakthroughs in medicine. Still, such money from nothing! Read more about this in my article: “The Brotherhood of the Egg. The legend of the egg, cholesterol and muscle mass ” , but for now, let’s get back to the hit parade of ways to normalize hormonal levels naturally.
What should you eat to increase testosterone?

To increase the level of endogenous (that is, self-produced) sex hormone in a natural way, in the absence of chronic diseases, of course, the following three conditions must be met.
Foods rich in cholesterol

Foods high in animal fats (whole eggs, pork, high-fat dairy products) increase testosterone levels in men, along with other body composition-regulating hormones. But, popular low-fat diets reduce the production of male hormones. The alleged benefits of low-fat foods are the greatest of the weight loss myths.

This does not mean that fried meat should become the main source of protein, especially in adulthood , but it is quite possible to replace lean chicken with pork chops a couple of times a week. Although the best source of both protein and cholesterol is chicken eggs.
Eat less sweets

Every time we eat something sweet, insulin goes up and testosterone goes down. The body’s ability to utilize excess energy decreases, fat reserves increase. A healthy man, drinking a glass of sugary soda, lowers his testosterone levels by almost 20% for 2 hours.
Use complex carbohydrates

Energy is needed to produce the male sex hormone. But instead of sweets, it should be obtained from vegetables, fruits and other products (greens, freshly squeezed juices, cereals , berries, durum wheat pasta, baked potatoes). They are able to maintain low blood sugar for a long time, providing the body with energy to increase testosterone levels. Any diet rich in protein ( low-carbohydrate diet , for example) but low in fruits and vegetables also lowers testosterone.

In addition to following the above recommendations, it is also worth adding a number of products that raise the level of the male sex hormone to your usual diet. And, on the contrary, remove those that lower it. In other words, the answer to the question of what to eat to increase testosterone depends on their regular use:

  • Seafood (especially oysters)
  • Nuts (especially walnuts)
  • Fruits (blackcurrant, pomegranate)
  • Greens (dill, parsley, celery)
  • Spices (garlic, onion, cardamom, turmeric)
  • Pumpkin seeds

The most interesting thing is that all products for raising testosterone are familiar to us, there is nothing new in this list. Their effectiveness lies in regular, and after the age of 40, in everyday use.

Oysters are not available to everyone and not everywhere, but when there is a choice – to buy testosterone propionate (for example), thereby seriously disrupting the work of your hormonal system, or to start eating walnuts more often, hesitations are unnecessary here. For natural will always be better than artificial!

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Products that lower testosterone

In addition to sweets, which all representatives of the strong half of humanity should stay away from, even with a normal level of the male sex hormone, it is necessary to remove or greatly reduce the amount of the following foods from your diet:

  • Salt . Elevated sodium reduces testosterone production
  • Instant coffee (from 3 cups a day). Stimulates the growth of estrogen
  • Soya . Soy contains a high amount of phytoestrogen, the plant analogue of the female sex hormone.
  • Natural, whole cow’s milk (from 1.5 liters per day). Contains bovine estrogen
  • Smoked products . Contain a toxic smoke liquid that lowers testosterone production at an accelerated pace.
  • Alcoholic drinks . Alcohol in an amount capable of causing a hangover reduces the level of the male hormone by 25% for 12 hours. Beer, in addition to this, still contains the same plant-derived estrogen.

All these products, to one degree or another, worsen the production of the male sex hormone, but the leader among them is soy sauce. It is simply woven from phytoestrogens and salt, so it can be called the king of products for reducing testosterone. If we approach the list of these products from the point of view of real life, then our favorite beer will be the absolute champion among them.

In the diet of an ordinary man, an intoxicating drink is present much more often and in large quantities, and, accordingly, the harm is more significant.

Conclusion: there is one simple and working rule of hormonal normalization – eat more foods that increase testosterone, and avoid those that lower it.

Method 2. Exercise for testosterone

best information exercise for testoterone

Second place on my hit parade. Unlike food and vitamins, using this method requires regular and sometimes very serious efforts, but it really works. If we talk about training for testosterone, then this type of physical activity can be conditionally divided into three separate groups: strength, running and preventive, restorative.
Strength exercises

Basic, multi-joint movements performed with a barbell raise testosterone the most. Moreover, the harder the exercise, the more actively it stimulates the growth of the male sex hormone. It doesn’t take an expert to understand that deep squats and deadlifts are the best testosterone exercises there is. The trajectory of the bar during their execution is maximum, and the working weight used is the largest.

In addition to a complex effect on a large number of muscle groups and accelerated weight gain, these movements increase endogenous testosterone and growth hormone. In other words, squats and deadlifts are two keys to gaining muscle mass and at the same time the best testosterone exercises that can be.

Note: these exercises give the greatest effect if they are performed according to this scheme: 5 sets of 5 repetitions with a weight of 80% of 1 RM (RM-repeated maximum, weight record in a particular exercise, performed in a single repetition). Rest between sets – 1 minute. Such a scheme of work in exercises for testosterone ensures its growth for a period of 2 to 4 hours. The same exercises, but performed with a high number of repetitions (15-20) raise the hormonal level not so much, but it remains high for a longer amount of time.
Running exercises

Ultrashort distance races (15-25 m) appeared in the arsenal of athletes practicing functional training ( crossfit ) as an element of load that increases endurance. But in addition to its main purpose, short sprints are excellent at burning body fat and at the same time increase testosterone levels in men in a natural way.

Note: Experiments have shown that athletes of game disciplines (basketball, football, handball, volleyball and others), alternating periods of rapid acceleration and deceleration, have a higher level of male hormone than representatives of other sports. Experts recommend using a sprint protocol to raise testosterone levels, consisting of 5 short runs of 25 meters with 10 second breaks.

Any exercises for the lower body, even performed without additional weights, but within the level of failure training (that is, “I can’t”) stimulate the growth of the male sex hormone. However, there is one exercise that does this better than others, and it is called the glute bridge.

For all its seeming frivolity, the glute bridge, firstly, is an excellent general strengthening exercise for the lower back and core muscles in general, and secondly, it actively stimulates the growth of the male hormone. You can do it without additional weight or with a barbell or dumbbells. In this case, the return on its implementation will only increase.

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These three types of physical activity really raise the level of endogenous testosterone, but at first glance they have little in common. In fact, their effectiveness lies in one single common factor: increased and prolonged blood flow to the lower body.

Method 3. Improve the quality of sleep

Nutrition, vitamins, exercise. All these factors are extremely important for increasing testosterone levels in a natural way. Most men have heard of them. But there is another important aspect that many of us forget about: sleep is extremely important for testosterone.

Note: any specialist in the field of endocrinology will tell you that constant stress is one of the main factors in reducing the level of the male sex hormone. Lack of sleep, increased physical and mental stress, lack of rest, lead to the fact that the fatigue state of the body becomes chronic.

Against this background, the work of the stress hormone cortisol, which simply suppresses testosterone levels, is activated. Metabolism slows down, body fat grows, muscle mass decreases. If the situation is familiar, the first thing to start with is to improve the quality and duration of night rest.

Of course, you can choose the easiest option and buy testosterone in a pharmacy, or you can just start getting enough sleep. Testosterone is produced continuously throughout the day, but levels are highest in the morning. Each additional hour of sleep is a 10-12% increase in the level of the male hormone.

I already talked about how to improve the quality of sleep and what not to do before a night’s rest in my article: “Why I’m not losing weight . But beyond just changing your habits, a drug like melatonin can help you sleep better.

This is a synthetic analogue of the human hormone, which many experts in the field of gerontology (the science of aging) call the hormone of long life. I also already wrote about it in my article “Melatonin | Lord of Night Hormones ” , I strongly advise you to read it.

Conclusion: by improving the quality and duration of a night’s rest, you can reduce stress levels while increasing testosterone levels.

Method 4. Take vitamins for testosterone

I am against the thoughtless use of multivitamins, supposedly another mandatory element of a healthy lifestyle. And why, read in my article: “Vitamins and minerals | Friends or enemies? But in the case of searching for an answer to the question: how to increase testosterone levels, I want to talk about three trace elements that are really necessary for this:

Vitamin D and testosterone

Our body can receive this vitamin with food (sea fish, eggs, liver, butter, sour cream) or synthesize it while under the sun. It is able to accumulate in adipose tissue and nourish the body during the autumn-winter period. A summer vacation in the sun is a great way to replenish your vitamin D stores for the long term.

If we talk about vitamins for testosterone, then vitamin D is the most important of them, since it increases the level of endogenous hormone in two ways at once:

First. Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium by the body, reducing the need for testosterone to perform an unusual function. That is, the male hormone ceases to be distracted and directs its potential for its intended purpose.
Second. Vitamin D acts on estrogen, converting it to a less active form, thereby changing the balance in the body in favor of the male hormone.

Note: in his book “The Testosterone Factor”, Dr. Shafik Kaadri, notes that the male sex hormone, in addition to its main functions, is involved in the creation of bone tissue, in the case when there is a lack of calcium in the body, and is also the main immunomodulator of the body.

The daily norm of vitamin D: for a man weighing up to 80 kg, is 400 IU (10 mcg). But with age, and against the background of active physical activity, the need for it increases to 12-15 mcg per day.
Zinc and testosterone

Zinc and testosterone are twin brothers. Zinc is directly responsible for the content of testosterone in the body. This trace element is the basis of the building material for the male sex hormone molecule, it increases the activity of spermatozoa. It prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and its deficiency causes hormonal imbalances in men and women.

Israeli scientists link low zinc levels with the risk of cancer (prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women). Food sources high in zinc are: fish, seafood (especially oysters), herbs (dill, parsley), garlic, seeds, wheat bran.

Daily intake of zinc for men : 600-800 IU (15-20 mg), when training in the gym, aimed at gaining mass, the need for zinc increases by 50%.
Magnesium and testosterone

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A study by French scientists conducted in 2008 showed the positive effect of magnesium on the growth of testosterone levels. They also found that the higher the concentration of magnesium, the less the male hormone binds to globulin, and, accordingly, more testosterone is in free form. Magnesium champions: pine nuts, sesame seeds, cocoa, wheat bran, seeds, cashews, buckwheat, seaweed.

The daily requirement of magnesium for a man: 400 IU (10 mg), but, as in the case of zinc and vitamin D, against the background of vigorous physical activity, the need for magnesium increases.

Method 5: Use Testosterone Supplements

best information for your boost testoterone

Fifth place ranking. Natural supplements to naturally increase testosterone (not to be confused with steroid drugs) exist and are well-deservedly popular with men.
testosterone booster

A simple yet highly effective supplement with just the three elements I mentioned: zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6. The ZMA formula was developed and patented back in 1999 by SNAC System Inc, and since then this complex has been a leader among natural testosterone stimulators. No side effects.

Manufacturers recommend taking ZMA daily at bedtime for 3-4 capsules (depending on dosage) in cycles of 6-8 weeks, then take a break of the same duration.

Herbs for Testosterone

This group includes supplements made from natural plants (tribulus and ecdystesterone). The first is made on the basis of a plant called Tribulus terrestris (Tribulus terrestris), and in the manufacture of the second, phytoecdysterone is used, which is contained in another plant – Leuzea carthamoides. These supplements tone well, improve blood circulation, increase strength and endurance.

You need to take such testosterone boosters depending on the concentration of active substances (saponins). But in any case, start with a minimum dose of one capsule and gradually increase it. The algorithm for taking tribulus and ecdysterone: on the day of training – three times a day (in the morning, before class and in the evening, before bedtime), on the day of rest twice (in the morning and in the evening).

Conclusion: natural testosterone supplements exist, so they can and even should be used periodically, especially against the background of heavy physical exertion.

Method 6. Reduce the level of xenoestrogens in food

We all want to be healthy and live long, so before buying products in the supermarket, we carefully examine them (I hope) for the presence of harmful E-additives or GMOs. But in addition to the composition of the products, you should also carefully look at their packaging. I’m talking about xenoestrogens, chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic products.

Once in our body, these substances behave like the female sex hormone – estrogen, violating both men’s and women’s health, because any imbalance in the hormonal system leads to diseases. Excess estrogen is just as dangerous for women as it is for men. Xenoextrogens suppress their own secretion of the female sex hormone, slow down the metabolism, provoke obesity and the occurrence of cancer. Regular contact with xenoestrogens is the most underestimated cause of low testosterone in a young and healthy man.

Many of them are already banned, but a substance such as BPA (bisphenol A) is still actively used in the production of food packaging, dishes, water bottles, children’s toys, and canned goods. It is referred to as BPA, used in the production of polycarbonate (PC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Packaging and utensils with designations such as polyethylene (PE), high pressure polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PS) and polystyrene (PP) do not contain this xenoextrogen.

Such a xenoextorogen is prohibited for use in the USA, Canada and France, but in the CIS countries there are no restrictions on products containing bisphenol A. To minimize its impact on the body, it is worth taking a number of actions yourself:

Do not cook plastic food containers (microwavable)
Avoid plastics marked “07” or BPA/PC/PVC
Reduce the amount of canned food in your diet
Replace plastic food storage containers with glass, porcelain, metal

The harmful effects of artificial estrogen on the body can be reduced even more by introducing cruciferous vegetables into your diet: horseradish, radish, turnip, rutabaga, white and Chinese cabbage, asparagus and kohlrabi.

They are all extremely rich in substances called indoles (biochemical compounds that prevent the occurrence of cancer). The champion among all cruciferous is broccoli. Japanese nutritionists for a long and long life recommend eating at least 100 grams of broccoli per day 4-5 times a week. Therefore, broccoli, oddly enough, can also be called food for testosterone.

Conclusion: xenoestrogens, which disturb the hormonal balance, are used in the production of many familiar items, so protection from them must be given increased attention.



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