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Vaccination by Pharmacists Becomes More Concrete

Denpa News A bill would allow pharmacists to prescribe and administer the Covid-19 vaccine. In case of anaphylactic shock, they may also administer adrenaline. Absym, the Belgian association of medical trade unions, expresses its displeasure about this.

Minister Frank Vandenbroucke will continue with his plan to have pharmacists vaccinated against Covid-19, as he already stated in his policy note to the House : “A number of targeted initiatives, such as the enhanced role of the pharmacist in testing and vaccination, should be help them to focus on their core tasks. »

 A bill currently circulating expresses the minister’s intentions somewhat more concretely : “In order to increase the accessibility of vaccination and to be able to reach people who have not yet been vaccinated (due to lack of access to care (…) It is therefore appropriate to extend the possibility to prescribe and administer the coronavirus vaccine COVID-19 directly to pharmacists,” the statement reads.

Prescribing by the pharmacist is only allowed “ provided that the vaccine is immediately administered at the pharmacy where the prescription and dispensing took place”. vaccine Pharmacists are therefore not allowed to give the coronavirus to the patient for injection by a doctor.

Minister Vandenbroucke also gives the pharmacist the authority to in emergencies “prescribe and administer subcutaneous or intramuscular adrenaline” . The pharmacist can entrust the vaccination to a technical pharmaceutical assistant, as long as he supervises it directly, with a maximum of three assistants per pharmacist present.

Vandenbroucke’s point is even better understood when it appears later in the text that the license given to pharmacists to prescribe and administer the Covid-19 vaccine could be extended to other types of vaccines.

 “This proposal is also a direct attack on the nursing profession. Unlike pharmacists, nurses and doctors are clinically trained to administer and monitor vaccines. There are more than enough doctors and nurses in this country to take on the task of coronavirus vaccination. and it is with them that the quality of care will be optimal,” explains Luc Herry, chairman of ABSyM.

“Allowing pharmacists to administer the coronavirus vaccine is a slap in the face to the doctors and doctors who have been fighting the coronavirus on the front lines since the start of the epidemic and are now overwhelmed with a mountain of administration. Administration for the doctors and medicine for pharmacists. Where’s the logic?” says Dr Herry angrily.

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