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We can’t win the fight against climate change if we don’t stand up for the poor


Denpa News“The impact of the climate crisis on people’s lives is indisputable. It is also terribly unfair: those most affected are those who contribute the least to causing it.”

Left unchecked, the climate crisis will push 130 million people into poverty over the next 10 years, undoing hard-won development gains. To meet the global challenge of climate change, we must courageously advocate for the poorest.

In fact, the 74 countries that receive assistance from the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank entity that helps the poorest countries, account for less than a tenth of global greenhouse gas emissions. The people who live in these countries are the most affected by the impacts of the climate crisis.

As they fight to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, IDA countries strive to be more competitive in a rapidly evolving global economy that increasingly values ​​green growth and green jobs and sectors. It’s a tough task: recovering from the impact of COVID-19 on people and economies, coping with the growing effects of the weather, building resilience in the face of future shocks, and creating better opportunities for people to prosper in a post-world world. the pandemic.

Support those most in need

The climate crisis is without a doubt the most complex challenge, the most far-reaching global crisis that we have faced so far. This cannot be overcome by any sector, country or organization alone. There is no vaccine to help tackle climate change. Like the pandemic, the climate crisis is truly global and requires global solutions.

Leverage decades of experience

IDA is focused on helping the poorest countries combat the impacts of the climate crisis and adapt to a new world economy. We are putting decades of lessons and experiences into practice to help poor countries reduce emissions , adapt to the climate crisis, and mitigate the impacts of disasters.

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Provide financing to address new challenges

I share this with you now because the financing needs of IDA client countries are immense and the climate crisis exacerbates the situation. We will need help to continue our work. We have appreciated donor support over the years, but we will require continued support to give the most vulnerable people a fair chance at recovery and resilience. This month, our donors and partners will come together to pledge their continued financial support, and we hope they will help us rise to the unprecedented challenges [in the future]. We cannot overcome the climate crisis if we do not stand up for the poor.

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