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What is Fitness? The Benefits of Fitness


DenpaNews Today, fitness is a very popular type of physical activity, its purpose is not so much that people have huge muscles, but it helps to stay in good shape. This sport has become closer to people, because in almost every yard there is a fitness club or a gym. Clubs offer various promotions and subscriptions, for example, bonuses from Sokol-Fitness will help you save on regular training, and there are also various “buns” for attracting new customers.

The benefits of fitness training

The purpose of such training is to improve the state of mind and body. Over time, a person’s well-being will noticeably improve, muscle tone will increase, they will become stronger, skin elasticity will change.

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As for excess weight, of course, it will decrease, maybe not immediately, but despite this, you still need to adhere to a healthy diet, so the desired result can be achieved faster, and of course, such training will affect a person’s health in the best possible way. side.

By the way, with regard to health, fitness classes will be an excellent prevention for people who have cardiovascular diseases.

Remember that you should not train “till you drop”, sometimes it may not be very useful, it is better to keep regularity, that is, to practice every day, devoting no more than an hour to training.

If a person is determined to lose weight, then the classes should be more intense than those classes that help improve health. To get rid of excess weight, you need to do at least an hour a day, but the exercises themselves should be quite varied.

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And those who have some shealth problems, but who want their muscles and skin to become better, should regularly spend about half an hour a day on classes.

For those for whom intensive sports are contraindicated, the best and most appropriate way to maintain health is walking at a fast pace, but also not more than an hour. Of course, ideally, each person should have their own individual program, taking into account diseases, different levels of training, and so on.
Fitness and other areas: differences

If we compare fitness with aerobics, then we can say that yes, they are similar to each other, but fitness requires the control of a trainer at the initial stage, also, aerobics is aimed more at maintaining health with tips healthy, but fitness is about correcting the figure, respectively, the set of exercises differs from each other. friend.

What do you know about shaping? If you analyze it, then it was created exclusively for girls, and it only corrects the figure when both men and women can do fitness, and it not only corrects the figure, but also can improve health.

The well-known bodybuilding differs from fitness in that it is aimed at building muscle, but there is no such task in fitness. Thinking about it, a picture of the gym pops up before my eyes, as mentioned above, people often confuse fitness with the gym, the goal of the gym is to build muscle to some extent.

Pilates is aimed at improving posture, flexibility and stretching, which is also different from fitness.

Summing up, I would like to note that fitness is a great way to keep yourself in good physical shape, improve your health or improve your mood you can improve too your healthy diet menu.

Checklist: “How to prepare and conduct an online training”

To conduct an online class via Skype, Zoom or Instagram live, you will need:

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• Charged phone (and charging nearby)
• Enough free memory on your phone to save the broadcast
• tripod
• Bright place in front of a window or additional light
• Lesson program (in a laptop or notepad)
• Musical accompaniment (if necessary)
• Clock (because it is not always possible to track the time on the screen)
• All the necessary fitness equipment near you (mat, props, dumbbells, bands, etc.)
• Scrunchy
• Water bottle

recommend trying the free video conferencing service XROOM.APP – without registration and downloading the application. Just send the link to the broadcast to the participants. Read our review of online training services .
Before broadcasting:

• Warn others not to be disturbed for … minutes
• Put your phone on airplane mode, turn off the sound and vibration for notifications.
• Start preparing the shooting location at least 30-40 minutes in advance: set up a tripod, check how you look on the screen, whether you fit into the screen completely. If possible, connect a Bluetooth headset for the best sound.
Broadcast start:

• Wait a moment while the participants connect. Do not rush to immediately start with what the program will be today.
• If the live broadcast is on Instagram, fix the name of the workout and your name in the comments if you are performing at the club site.
• Ask about sound quality – can everyone hear you well?
• Say hello and share your mood for training. Invite participants to wave or smiley and say (or write) a few words about themselves.
• Tell us about yourself when a certain number of participants have already connected, perhaps there are those who see you for the first time. Briefly go over the main facts of your biography as a coach, share your best results and student successes.
• Indicate the topic of the meeting – eg 30 minute yoga stretch for beginners.
• Familiarize participants with the timing of the workout – 10 minutes introduction, 5 minutes breathing techniques, 10 minutes warm-up, 15 minutes stretching, 5 minutes cool down).
Carrying out training online:

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• Try to speak towards the phone, especially if you are not using a headset.
• Periodically take a break from the training process and check the implementation of the exercises (if you are doing with feedback) or read the questions that arise.
• Keep track of the time to meet the timing – on Instagram, the duration of the live broadcast is 1 hour, do not forget to save it before you go out again.
• Encourage participants in the same way as you do in class (and even a little more). Ether is a small stage, and the more emotions you give out, the more interesting your lesson will be.
Completion of the workout:

• Thank participants for practicing together – come up with a fun on-screen goodbye, especially if you’ve been on a conference call. For example, simultaneous rotation of the arms in one direction, a funny jump or squat – anything that leaves a smile on your face after the end of the broadcast.
• Save the broadcast.
What to do after online training:

• Write to the chat or personally to each participant words of support and gratitude for the joint training.
• Give a bonus (a discount on a subscription, a link to a free workout or a downloadable useful material on a topic).
• Ask participants for feedback – did they like the session, what needs to be improved, what training would they like to see in the future.
• Offer to invite friends to the next training – share a link to your resource, where online classes are held.

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